Chillé is proudly partnered with an Ethical Production House in Bali, Indonesia where providing a fun, fair and dynamic working environment is at the core of their business ethics.

Our Production Partner holds a current certificate from Department of Social Welfare and Labour in Bali for fulfilling the following criteria:

- No underage employees

- Above award wage salaries paid to their employees monthly exceeding the government regulations

- Paid sick leave, annual leave, pension and healthcare to all direct employees

- Prayer and rest rooms, communal break areas, well lit and ventilated work spaces and western standard bathrooms

They are also accredited by the Environmental Agency in Bali for their compliance to environmental standards and hold all licenses from the government required for operating in the industry.

Our production house offers all of their staff weekly exercise classes, prayer breaks, 1 hour lunch breaks, paid overtime, annual bonuses, a 13 month annual salary, and ongoing support during the Covid-19 crisis. Most employees within the company have been working for the factory since its establishment and all staff in managerial positions are proudly women. To us, ethical manufacturing also means understanding, compassion and patience. Balinese and broader Indonesian tradition, ceremony and culture is embraced and nurtured within the factory.

Every single Chillé garment is handmade with love by the talented people we get to call our Production Partners. When purchasing Chillé, you can be sure that you are supporting ethical production and fair trade practices.


Our sustainability journey is an ongoing process, and we are always learning and evolving as we strive to make a positive impact. We believe that sustainability starts with design. Chillé products are designed to be timeless and durable wardrobe staples that can be worn and loved for years to come. Our designs are produced using high quality, certified materials that are sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers, and we strive to create products that have a minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. 

Chillé is committed to keeping waste within our manufacturing process as minimal as possible. All of our fabric off cuts are either stored for future collections or repurposed into scrunchies. We have also implemented a no plastics policy - all of our garments are shipped to us in biodegradable, plant based cassava bags and recycled shipping cartons. Your Chillé purchases will also arrive at your door in eco-friendly mailers and garment bags. 

Your Chillé purchases will also arrive at your door in eco-friendly mailers and garment bags.


Ethical manufacturing is super important to us. Our factories are an incredibly important part of the Chillé family and we love working with them so much. All of our suppliers have their BSCI & SEDEX certifications.